A Journey to Discover More About Animals!

Maureen Armstrong has been an animal lover as long as she can remember. Growing up in Ontario, Canada, she would explore her neighbourhood and befriend every animal she happened upon, often carting them home to her parents’ chagrin.

A natural advocate for the vulnerable and a lawyer by trade, it was inevitable that Maureen’s passion for human rights and social justice would extend to her animal friends.

Drawing of an owlBy starting The Animal Guide for Curious Humans, Maureen hopes to raise awareness of how our actions can (often unwittingly) adversely affect animals. From that vacation in the sun, to the latest designer dog breed, to the takeout latte in your hand made with palm oil… everything we do affects animals in one way or another.

Besides podcasting, Maureen also serves on the board for World Animal Protection Canada, a non-profit that works with counterparts in some 50 countries to influence public policy and end needless animal suffering.

Based in Muskoka, Ontario, Maureen lives on the traditional lands of many Indigenous peoples, and gives particular thanks to members of the Chippewas of Rama and the Wahta Mohawk First Nations for their caretaking of this land.

By bringing animal lovers, wildlife experts and decision makers together to discuss how our actions affect animals, Maureen hopes The Animal Guide for Curious Humans will educate, entertain, and make a positive difference for creatures large and small.

Maureen would love to hear from listeners and welcomes questions and comments. She’ll try to address as many questions and feedback as possible on The Animal Guide. And if you enjoy the show, please share it with your friends!

Umlungu, the theme music for The Animal Guide for Curious Humans was composed and performed by John Bartmann and is available from the Free Music Archive.

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