Monkey Business – Tails from a Primate Sanctuary

Jul 7, 2022 | 0 comments

Monkeys are smart, sophisticated autonomous beings born to be wild and live in communities with their own kind.  They aren’t meant to be pets or entertainers.  Yet there are so many among us far from their natural habitat mainly due to the exotic pet trade and unregulated zoos.  Others are acquired as subjects for scientific research and discarded after they have served their usefulness.  Thankfully, some make their way to sanctuaries like the Story Book Primate Sanctuary in Ontario, Canada.  This sanctuary has been in existence for more than two decades and is currently home to two dozen monkeys and lemurs. 

Our guest today is Daina Liepa, the Executive Director of Story Book Sanctuary and, as she says, one of the monkey poop cleaners.  She will tell us about the resident monkeys, what life was like for them before they arrived at the sanctuary and what she and her team are doing to give them the best life possible now. 


Website: or 


Phone: 416-816-4800

Facebook: @sbfps 

Instagram: @storybookmonkeys 

Twitter: @SBFPrimateS 

LinkedIn: @sbfps

Photo Credit: Story Book Primate Sanctuary


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