Elephants – Our Majestic Friends

Dec 8, 2023 | 0 comments

Today we are focussing on one of most intelligent, socially complex, and inspiring animals on the planet; elephants.  While being indigenous to just two continents Africa and Asia, elephants are easily one of the most recognizable mammals on earth.  While mainly living in the wild, for millennia humans have captured elephants for use as labor, for war and most significantly in recent centuries, for entertainment –circuses, zoos or in television and movies.  Thankfully, we are developing a better understanding of and appreciation for these smart, thoughtful creatures, the need to protect them in the wild and to properly care for them when in captivity.  Our guest today is Margaret Whittaker, Executive Director of Wild Welfare U.S., a new American branch of the international organization Wild Welfare based on the United Kingdom.  Margaret has spent many years working with elephants and understanding their habits and behaviour and she shares her knowledge with us today.


Contact Info: margaret@wildwelfare.org

Website: https://wildwelfare.org

North Carolina Zoo: https://www.nczoo.org

The Elephant Sanctuary of Tennessee: https://www.elephants.com


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